Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Helpful Worksheets for PDSA and DMAIC Deployment

In making presentations and talking with many administrators over the past several months one of the things that seems to always be there is we don’t have time to do this, we really like the idea of utilizing Lean principles BUT. . . .

My response is yes, I agree but if we remember that we waste 25% of our work day by doing non-value add tasks, we have to find the time.

OK – so that’s a lot of talk but we don’t believe it.

In order to help a little further, we have created a couple work sheets that might help with your efforts. First is a guide for the PDSA deployment platform for those who choose that model. We ask questions and give space for answers.

The second is a checklist of deliverables for those who choose to use the DMAIC deployment platform. This will help guide you through key steps to achieve your project management goal.

As mentioned on several occasions it is not important to me or anyone but you as to which deployment platform you use. The key is to use one to help guide you and give you structure in the process.

The key then is to use one of these tools, find a “simple” problem and work for a quick, small win. This will prove to yourself and others that the concepts works. You can then either work on another problem or go back to the first problem and work on continuous process improvement.

To get your copy of both or either form please visit this link at the web site.

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