Monday, December 22, 2014

Insight in Leadership in the Medical Practice

In the November issue of the Harvard Business Review an article by Sawhney and Khosla identify some interesting questions on where to look for new ideas. I believe that we should not only focus on the “problems” that we face but more importantly look at what opportunities there are for us to better serve patients. The glass is always half full. Here are some of their insightful questions:
  • Is your market share or revenue abnormally low or high in a geographical market? 
  • Are you having unusual success with a specific customer (e.g., patient) segment? 
  • What’s most frustrating about your products, processes, or workplace? 
  • What bothers you personally about your business (yes your practice is a business)? 
  • What work-arounds do people use to get their jobs done? 
  • What beliefs do you hold sacred? 
  • Why do things have to be this way? 
  • What opportunities would be opened up if we abandoned those assumptions and beliefs? 
  • What are the social, cultural and environmental factors that affect your preferences and behaviors? 
  • How can you create solutions that respond to those factors? 
Take a look at these questions at your next board or leadership meeting. Openly discuss them and develop strategies to transition your practice for a brighter future.

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