Friday, November 14, 2014

Maxwell at MGMA in Vegas

John Maxwell the leading expert on “Leadership” was the Monday morning keynote and what a great presentation. It was build around his 15 Invaluable Laws of Leadership.

One of his laws it that of INTENTIONALITY. Growth doesn’t just happen! We often talk about our experiences as part of our growth. Do you have twenty years of experience or one year of experience 20 times? You don’t automatically grow; it is a process an effort. The best teaching part of our experience though is the evaluation; do we stop to evaluate our experiences as we grow? We should.

When you wake up in the morning challenge yourself with a simple concept, whom am I going to add value to today! This will set a framework of a positive attitude.

Another key law is that of CONSISTENCY, which he highlighted as a boring concept. You always want to hear how good you are from other, hearing you being defined as consistent is one of your best compliments. Motivation gets you going but discipline gets you growing!

He has a rule of five citing a story of chopping a tree with an axe five swings today. Five swings tomorrow, the next and the next. This is to say that there are five things that you should do everyday related to your purpose. These five things will provide you with a focused result, success. They will also lead you to be consistent in your daily life. As an author his rule of five for each day is: read; think; file, ask questions; and write which he does each and every day including holidays and vacation days.

His final rule covered in the presentation was the rule of ENVIRONMENT – your surroundings must be conducive to growth. People are your most appreciable asset, what are you doing to grow them in your work place.

Consistent from what we heard from Lou Holtz – attitude, focus on the now, and grow. What a great set of principles and concepts from both. I hope my sharing this with you spreads the word and encourages you to identify your attitude, live in the now and consistently strive to grow. This will make you a better person and have a positive impact and all you come in contact with.

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