Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More from the Maxwell presentation at MGMA and a Lean Belt

John Maxwell at MGMA
John Maxwell's Speech at MGMA
I was intrigued by the themes and concepts that John Maxwell espoused during his presentation. His key points have been a part of what we talk about when we look at the MGMA Lean Six Sigma Belt program. Those points were:

Culture – in order to change, to grow, to eliminate inefficiencies, and to improve patient care your culture must focus on or allow changes to achieve these outcomes. It is essential that you understand your culture – this is not expressed just in words in a mission or value statement but more likely in deeds. Stating your values around quality care, respect, etc. is not the true culture. It is what occurs, activities, tasks and daily words used that creates and defines your culture. Take a serious look at yours.

Value – we talk about Lean principles are built on the concept of adding value to the customer. Value-add activities and tasks built into your culture will lead your business to be successful. Eliminate non-value add activities! Imagine if you made an effort to add value to someone or something every day and this attitude became pervasive throughout your business.

Rule of 5 – in Lean programs we talk about the FIVE whys. A great set of questions about why you or one of your fellow employees is doing something or doing it in a certain way. You can always improve by asking your self why. Slightly different is the Maxwell rule of 5 but it built on the same principle. Work to improve daily, and focus on five steps or ways that you can improve. Do it daily.

Finally, Maxwell talked about the importance of working together as a team. Work in a positive culture that encourages growth, that allows you individually to grow and at the same time improve the outcomes of your team.

It was amazing to hear him talk about so many of the keys that we identify in our belt programs!

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